Plant Care

A little tender love and care

Our plant care tips have been careful curated by our Co-Founder and Plant Expert Frannie. Each season we'll tell you all you need to know on how to get the best from your window box plants. You’ll be an expert in no time…

Autumn plants:
Here's a birds eye view of your box, tap the green dots to find out more...
Skimmia Japonica

Skimmias with their bountiful white buds are very easy to look after, and can tolerate a wide range of conditions. They are native to Japan, China, and Southeast Asia.

  • Place in shade
  • Water every 3 days
  • Pruning

A Window Fleur favourite. Commonly known as ‘Heather’ they inject a delicate texture into your window box and are super low maintenance, a win win!

  • Place in partial sun
  • Water every 3 days
  • Pruning

These cool-season bloomers; are perfect for the starting of the colder seasons. There happy faces will brighten up your window sill in no time. Note, they enjoy regular deadheading!

  • Place in partial sun
  • Water every 3 days
  • Deadheading

These bronze star-like beauties are ideal for long last cut flowers, so you can snip off a few stems and place into a small bud vase-to enjoy them inside as well. Be sure to pinch off any dead flower heads, to encourage new growth.

  • Place in partial sun
  • Water every 3 days
  • Deadheading
Solanum Thurino

Also known as ‘Jerusalem cherry’. The little cherries will start of dark green before ripening into a to bright orange. When they start to wither pinch them off. If the leaves being to turn yellow and fall off reduce it’s water. Please note the cherries are not edible.

  • Place in partial sun
  • Water every 3 days
  • Pruning
Imperata red baron

When grown in full sun the tips and edges of these leaves quickly turn a deep red, reminding us of fire works shooting out of your box. Do snip of any ‘browning’ leaves and feel free to prune it back into shape, should it grown like wild fire!

  • Place in partial sun
  • Water every 3 days
  • Dead ‘leafing’

Easy come, easy grow

On your marks

If you’re installing your window box on the first floor or higher, make sure there are no passers-by or vehicles below whilst putting in place. Avoid installing it in strong winds too.

Get set

Your clever window box comes with arms (like clamps) to fix it securely to your window sill. Extend the arms, then pop the box on your window sill. Tighten the arms with the supplied spanner until the box fits snugly and securely to the window frame. Give it a little wobble to check it’s as tight as can be*. We recommend to regularly check your box is secure, as window frames can shrink and expand with 
the weather.

*Sorry to get all serious, but legally we need to be clear that secure installation and maintenance is your responsibility.


All you need to do now is take a step back and enjoy your lovely window box. Make sure you water them every other day in summer (half a mugful per plant) or every 3-4 days in winter. Remember you can pop your packaging into the recycling bin.

how to refresh your blooms every season

Out with the old

Don your best gardening gloves and have a bin bag handy. Place your hands down either side of the old refills and gently pull them out. Sometimes mother nature will have started the biodegradation process, slightly mucky, but much better than using plastic!

In with the new

Your refill plants will be delivered at the beginning of every season straight to your door. Just slot your new blooms into the window box. Tighten the arms on your box so it’s still safe and secure in the window frame.

Admire the view

Sit back and soak in the new splash of colour in your window sills. Then simply water them every other day in summer (half a mugful per plant) or every 3-4 days in winter to keep them in tip top condition.

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