Everything You Need to Know

We aim to have answered all your questions below, but if we missed something or you need more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We're always very happy to help! Please note our customer service team only works 3 days a week- please expect a reply in 1-2 days but we will always respond!

General Questions

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How does Window Fleur work?

Just sign up and we’ll deliver your ready-planted window box or Bloom Bag straight to your door. Watch your mini-garden grow, all season long. Each season, we’ll deliver a ready-planted refills straight to your door.

If I order now, when will I receive my order?

Our delivery time is 7-9 working days-but we aim to do a lot quicker if we can. If you order towards the end of the season we may suggest waiting for your delivery for a few weeks so we can send it with the next season's plants, this ensures you get fresh plants and will last all season long.

Will I be able to see what plant choice is coming up?

You will be able to see which plant styling you have chosen in your account page. You are also able to make changes to your plant choice up to 2 weeks before your delivery date.

Our homepage also features a preview of the plant stylings available for the current season.

Will I be able to skip deliveries?

You are able to skip your seasonal plants up to two weeks before a payment date, which is taken on the 1st of each season.

Please email us at hi@windowfleur.com to action your request.

What are the Window Fleur seasons?

We define seasons as:

Winter - 1st December to last day of February

Spring - 1st March to last day of May

Summer - 1st June to last day of August

Autumn - 1st September to last day of November

What if I order near the end of a season? 

For first time orderers, to ensure you get the most from your plants we switch between seasons 2 weeks before the end of each seasonal window. This is so you don't receive your next season's refills too close to your first delivery. This means if you order right at the end of a season, you might have a slight wait before your delivery, but we'll email you to give you the heads up if this is the case. 

I have a press or marketing enquiry

We’d love to hear from you, please get in touch at hi@windowfleur.com

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you would like to cancel your Window Fleur subscription you can do so at any time apart from two weeks before a payment date, which is the first of every season.

Spring-1st March

Summer-1st June

Autumn-1st September

Winter-1st December

You are unable to cancel your subscription in your account, please do email us at hi@windowfleur.com to request a cancellation


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Can I pause my subscription at any time?

We don't offer the ability to pause your subscription indefinitely but you can skip future deliveries by emailing us - hi@windowfleur.com

How can I reactivate my subscription?

We’re so glad you’ve chosen to reactivate your account, please log in to your account page and select the reactivate option. You’ll then be able to select the plants for your existing window box.

Can I change the plant styling for my Bloom Bag?

If you would like to change your plant choice and you have been unable to do it in your account please email us at hi@windowfleur.com and we’ll do our best to change it for you. We can make changes up to two weeks before a payment date.

All our plants are grown to order so the cut off point allows us to avoid plant waste.

What if I don’t update you on my plant choices?

If you are unable to update your account with which plant styling you would like we'll select the one we think you'll like the most, based on your previous selections.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged at the point of purchase for your Window Fleur box and current season plants. You will then be charged on the 1st month of every season for your ready-planted refills.

What is the latest I can change or cancel my recurring order?

You will be charged on the 1st of the first month of every season. You must cancel 15 days before the end of the season.

Can I subscribe to a selection of different sized window boxes and both plant stylings?

You can choose as many boxes as you’d like in your subscription. We offer a range of 3 sizes, small, medium and large.

On our website you can only choose the same plant styling for each of your window boxes, but should you want a mix of both seasonal plant stylings please do get in touch at hi@windowfleur.com and we shall sort that out for you, it's no problem!

How do I change my payment method?

To change your payment method please visit your account payment page.

How do I change my delivery details?

To change your delivery details please head to your account page. If you are having any problems please contact our customer service team at hi@windowfleur.com

Bloom Bags

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How easy are the Bloom Bags to look after?

Our Bloom Bags are designed to be really easy to look after. Arriving ready-planted, all you have to do is simply drop them window your window box and then water them the amount recommended in your plant care booklet. And regular dead-heading will encourage new flower growth. It's that simple-all of the blooms and none of the back ache!

Can I order Bloom Bags without your window boxes?

Absolutely. Our Bloom Bags are designed to easily drop into most window boxes. We recommend that you check your own window box sizes along with the dimensions of our bloom bags. 

What sizes do your Bloom Bags come in? 

They come in 3 sizes, which should fit most window boxes:

Small - 35cm length - 3 plants - Perfect for window boxes 25-45cm long

Medium - 60cm length - 5 plants -Perfect for window boxes 45-70cm long

Large - 80cm length (2x 40cm Bloom Bags) - 8 plants - Perfect for window boxes 70-90cm long

How do I know the Bloom Bag will fit my window box?

Firstly you should start by measuring the width, depth and height of your window box. As we have a few sizes of bloom bags which you can see below with their dimensions, choosing the size that fits best with your window box dimensions. Please bear in mind you may need two or a combination of sizes per window box depending on the dimensions.

How wide are the Bloom Bags?

Our Bloom Bags 20cm in height (inc plants) and 18cm in width, but they are very malleable, so can fit into most window box sizes.

I need to boost the height of my Bloom Bag, what can I do?

If the Bloom Bag needs to sit higher in your window box, you can use anything water resistant (a few suggestions are gardening gravel, wooden blocks, a brick...). 

How do I remove my Bloom Bag from my window box?

Don your best gardening gloves and have a bin bag ready. Place your hands down either side of the bag, and mould to make it as slim as possible. Then take one end of the bag and pull it up and out-it should pop out with ease!

Can I order more than one size of Bloom Bag?

Sure. You can choose varying Bloom Bag sizes as part of your subscription. 

How long will my Bloom Bags last?

With the right care and watering your plant should last 3 months. Please visit our Instagram to find handy tips and advice on how to get the best from your plants. If you’ve given your plants enough love and attention and they are still falling short please do contact us at hi@windowfleur.com

Plant questions

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Window Fleur Plant Care Promise

We’ve selected low-maintenance plants that thrive with the right watering throughout the seasons, ensuring they stay healthy despite the challenges of seasonal conditions. If your plants don’t meet expectations, contact us immediately at hi@windowfleur.com for a replacement batch!

What should I do if one of my plants has died?

We’re sorry to hear your plant has died, this could be down to a variety of factors. Please do get in touch with us at hi@windowfleur.com and we’ll be happy to talk you through our solutions.

I went on holiday and all my plants died

Don't worry we now offer a Holiday Replenish.

We now offer a one-off plant refill replacements at a discounted rate for existing customers. So if you’re heading away and your plants don’t make it through without your TLC, get in touch and we’ll send you a fresh batch! 

Do the plants vary from the images on the website?

Please note that the plants shown on our website may vary due to stock availability from our growers and the unpredictability of nature. However, we always prioritise sending you the freshest plants with a very close colour match. As experts in plant styling, we ensure that your selections will always look stunning!

Can I choose different plants?

If you would like bespoke plant styling please visit our Luxe & B2B page to find out more.

The plants I've received are different to the plants shown on the site

The images shown on our site are plant stylings to give you a taste of how your window boxes will look-we do our best to match these but due to stock availability this isn't always possible.

I'm not sure how to look after my plants?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we're here to help! Please email us any questions to hi@windowfleur.com

Delivery Questions

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We care about every delivery

We take pride in every order, ensuring top quality, impeccable style, and safe delivery. As a dedicated team from a small business, we work tirelessly to provide you with our beautiful products, designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Do I have to be in when you deliver?

Ideally we’d love for you to be home when we deliver your box, so we can make sure it’s in the right hands. Should you want your box left in a ‘safe place’ we can do so at the owner's own risk.

What is the expected delivery time?

We aim to deliver within 7 working days of your order. But sometimes it may be a little longer due to stock availability but we'll give you the heads up if this is the case for your order. 

Is there a delivery charge?

Yes, we charge £5.50 per unit with a maximum delivery cost of £11. While this may seem high, please note that we do not profit from these charges; reliable couriers who ensure the safe delivery of your plants come at a premium.

Do you deliver to my area?

We currently deliver anywhere within the M25. If that's not you, please sign up to the mailing list to find out when we’ll deliver to your area.

What happens if I miss my delivery?

We'll be in touch via email to reschedule your delivery on the next available delivery date

Returns & Refunds

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Can I return my Window Box?

We hope that you are delighted with your order from us. However, we understand that you may occasionally wish to return an order if you change your mind, if you find an item which is not as you expect, or if an item is faulty.

Please examine your items and inform us of any problems as soon as you receive your delivery, as returns must be processed within 28 days of receiving your order.

The procedure for returning an item to us depends on the circumstances. Please see the relevant section below, or contact us if you are unsure.

Can I return my Bloom Bags?

Please contact our customer services team upon receiving your order to discuss the best course of action.

We may not need you to return these items, so please do not send any items back without speaking to us first.

My order has arrived damaged

Please do get in touch with our customer service team at hi@windowfleur.com