Ready Planted Window Boxes

With seasonal drop-in refills, to fit any size window box!

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Ready Planted Window Boxes



Choose a new window box or use your existing box. Then pick the perfect Bloom Bag to add a little wow to your windows.


We’ll then get our hands dirty (so you don’t have to) & plant up your chosen Bloom Bag. It’s then delivered straight to your door.


All our window boxes are very easy to install. Simply pop in your Bloom Bag and wait for it to bloom all season long.

Seasonal Refresh

Each season, we’ll deliver your next Bloom Bag, bursting with beautiful new plants. It’s that easy-all of the blooms with none of the back ache!

Own your very own window sill garden

Enjoy brilliant blooms, come rain or shine. Perfect for city-dwellers and urban flower fans.

We’re green, inside and out. All our packaging is recyclable and our plants are grown to order with zero waste.

Our plants are specially selected to live long, look lush and be a doddle to care for. But we always provide you with easy care tips.

There’s joy delivered in every box! With stylishly-curated plant combinations you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll have a choice of two expertly curated plant styles each season

Here are your choices for this spring…

Blooming Lovely
Spring option 1

Blue Skies

Your first choice this spring is our 'Blue Skies' ready-planted Bloom Bag. It's bursting full of cheery yellows, and bright blues - adding a real spring feeling to your window sills. These plants have been carefully selected to be very easy to look after!

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Spring option 2

Hey Mambo

If you fancy adding a pop of pink to your sills this spring, our 'Hey Mambo' ready-planted Bloom Bag is perfect for you. Its mix of eccentric blooms will transport you straight to the colourful streets of Italy and brighten up any grey day.

Get Started You can pause or cancel any time. it's up to you!
Beautiful Blooms, Hassle Free!
Beautiful Blooms, Hassle Free!
Get Started You can pause or cancel any time. it's up to you!
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