How it works

  • Choose

    Select a new window box or use your existing one, then choose the perfect Bloom Bag to fit into it. 

  • Ready-Planted

    We'll get our hands dirty so you don't have to! We'll plant your chosen Bloom Bag and deliver it straight to your door.

  • Enjoy

    Our window boxes are easy to install - just pop them in place and drop in your Bloom Bag to enjoy beautiful blooms all season long!

  • Seasonal Refresh

    Each season, receive your new Bloom Bag bursting with beautiful plants delivered right to your door. Enjoy all the blooms without any of the backache!

Blooming window sills all year round!

Looking for a vibrant, blooming window sill garden at your fingertips, changing with the seasons, and always looking its best? With our Ready-Planted Window Box Subscription Service, this vision comes to life. Perfect for busy professionals, urban dwellers, and anyone looking to add a touch of nature to their home with minimal maintenance.

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Year-Round Blooms for Your Windows

Transform your home with our stylish, mess-free window boxes, delivered right to your door four times a year. Starting from just £25 every three months, you can indulge in our hassle-free seasonal blooms.

In just 5 minutes, you can install our expertly curated, seasonal Bloom Bag refills that fit perfectly into any size window box. Effortlessly enhance the charm and curb appeal of your home with vibrant, ever-changing blooms.

  • Stylish and mess-free
  • Flexible subscription-holiday skips
  • Sustainably produced
  • Long-lasting plants for time-poor people
  • Expertly curated to suit the seasons

Behind the Blooms

Window Fleur was founded by cousins Joe and Frannie to solve a problem and make life a little easier. We're real people who are passionate about bringing beauty to your home and making the joy of plants accessible to everyone.

Select from our carefully curated plant styles

Handpicked with care, offering you two distinct options per season to enhance your space with beauty

Hues of Paradise

A kaleidoscope of vivid hues and botanical wonders, our 'Hues of Paradise' plant styling is sure to bring a cheerful and dazzling display to your window sill or balcony.

Waterloo Sunset

Indulge in a mesmerising display of radiant blooms that seem to dance with the summer sun's golden rays. ‘Waterloo Sunset’ has golden blooms delicately intertwine, creating a breathtaking sight that captivates the eye and lifts your spirits

And you can pick your own window box

Pick your box and blooms
  • The Victorian Fleur

    This Victorian inspired window box is perfect for adding a quaint look to your window sills.

  • The Basic Fleur

    Enhance your home’s curb appeal with this stylish, eco-friendly and light weight window box.

  • The Metal Fleur

    Created from galvanised steel is ideal for windowsills, low garden walls, or even down the middle of your outside table.

  • The Redwood Fleur

    Handmade from solid Redwood sourced from FSC approved sustainable forests.

  • The Modern Fleur

    Our best seller! This window box is minimal and straightforward leaving all the detail to the plants.

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    We offer a range of additional services to suit your bespoke and business needs

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  • How to install

    Our easy drop-in Bloom Bag refills give you instant window boxes, all year-round!

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