A bloom with a view

Beautifully planted window boxes, delivered to your door each season.

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A bloom with a view


1. Deliver

We’ll deliver your ready-planted window box straight to your door.

2. Install

Pop the box on your window sill. Extend the arms 'til it fits snugly.

3. Bloom

Watch your ready-planted window sill garden grow all season long.

4. Refresh

Each season, we’ll send your chosen refill, bursting with beautiful plants.
bright. welcoming glow
Autumn season choice 1

Frizzle Sizzle

Each season you’ll have a choice of two expertly curated plant styles for your window boxes. You’ll be bowled over by ‘Frizzle Sizzle’, full of the rich palette of gold Pansies, burgundy Violas and jewel-like Skimmias

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Autumn season choice 2

Feel the heat

If you prefer textured grasses and tropical vibes then choice 2 offers the perfect blend. It’s sure to spice up your window sill with a striking mix of red Capsicums, flame-like Heathers and beautifully tactile Carex Grasses.

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Textured, tropical vibes!
Beautiful Blooms, Hassle Free!
Beautiful Blooms, Hassle Free!
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