How It Works

Everything you need to know about Window Fleur!

Window Fleur is the UK's first ready-planted window box subscription service with seasonal Bloom Bag refills. Just choose the size of Bloom bag you need for your window box, or select a new window box if you don't have one.

Next, pick from our two expertly curated seasonal plant collections. We'll plant them for you and deliver them straight to your door. Simply drop your Bloom Bags into your window boxes and enjoy the vibrant blooms all season long. When it's time for a refresh, log into your account, select your next season's plants, and we'll take care of the rest. The hassle free way to get blooming window sills all year round!

How To Install

  • Step 1

    Put on your gardening gloves and have a bin bag ready. Remove the old Bloom Bags one by one, they may need a little tug! Clean the inside thoroughly, ensuring the drainage holes are clear.

  • Step 2

    Next carefully place your hands down either side of your new summer Bloom Bags, and remove from the packaging. Remember-all our packaging can be recycled!

  • Step 3

    Gently mould and manipulate your bloom bag into your window box. If you have two bloom bags ensure the first one is tight against the end of the window box. Repeat for the second bloom bag, pressing it in snugly next to the first.

    Top Tip: Trim back your plants from your first Bloom Bag if they’re encroaching on each other. This ensures each plant gets enough light!

  • Step 4

    All you need to do now is give them a drink then take a step back and enjoy your lovely window box. Remember to follow your plant care booklet, and water accordingly.

    Top Tip: To raise the Bloom Bag in your window box, use water-resistant items like gardening gravel, wooden blocks, or a brick.